June 22, 2007

The Hot Shots Hot Shot: The Masashi Muramori Interview…

Cool finally I can use the Hot Shots Golf Category… also it’s an english article. 🙂

Anyway Game Informer has interviewed the Hot Shots Golf creator Masashi Muramori about their Hot Shots Golf franchise and the future of their series. Some nice things to see mentioned was the possibility of downloable content for Hot Shots Golf 5 from the Playstation Store.

Masashi Muramori also pointed out the Sony Playstation 3 was limitless… but umm if that’s the case why aren’t they aiming for 1080p resolution. Anyway Ultra Spins is still unknown, since there is mention of first releases not having those non-traditional aspects. Well as long as they make a solid product that’s all that matters. Japanese version still confirmed as 15 Characters, 7 Caddies and 6 Courses… Though that sounds like they might add extra content for Hot Shots Golf 5 and Everybody’s Golf 5…

For the full article follow the source link and enjoy.

Source: The Masashi Muramori Interview

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