April 7, 2008

Speeding Through Everybody’s Golf World Tour…

Guess this will be the comparision between the English version and the Japanese version of Minna no Golf 5. Well starting off with the in game business… For those that picked Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds as their localised purchase, then the only difference would be just the Logo and the measurements used for Putting. [ft. instead of m]… Nice picture of Yukino here, there is some extra graphics and special loading screens for the English version also.

New Loading Screen Graphics...

First things you notice when you start up the game is the installation message, so there was no effort made to run the game off disc for a basic non-install offline only game… The next is the Introduction Movie, which wasn’t as good as the original Japanese opening but it was still quite good… They also changed the theme music for the game… I still feel the Japanese theme for the game has alot more impact  than the updated versions. However not all music changes were bad, but because not all the music was updated it was abit weird when the style of music didn’t fit such as when you are at the Challenge Mode screen there is a dramatic change in style between the menu/selection screens… This was because they kept the original theme for this area.

But moving on, starting up a Challenge with Jasmine everything seemed the same… Ayamegahara or the now Highlands course is mostly the same, no real noticible changes that effect the game play or difficulty of the course however the music was not as good as the original but it is relaxing… Ran through a few times with perfect scores, then got really bored of it since I was on Highlands for about 4 challenges then Sophie opened up for Match Play. Sophie was then defeated and the challenges continue…

Chura Umi or the now Okinawa course unlocked… probably the only course which had a decent update on the music side. Not that the Japanese original was bad, but this one seemed slightly better in this aspect… Okinawa course didn’t have much updated to it, except when I realised there were some Long Grass on the sides of the greens where it meats the rough… What the? I don’t understand why they had to do this, but it really destorys any chance of someone being able to come back with a chip in. Once you ball rolls off the green and just manages to reach the rough, you’ve pretty much had the +2 Rough rule handed to you. Most attempts to chip this back in would result in a shot which is knocked off course by the grass similar to say hitting the leaves of a tree. It would be a nice detailed feature to have in sections of rough, but really… Does it have to be right around the edge of the green? Real golf courses don’t have this grass, there are people who maintain the golf course to prevent these things.

Euro Classic still the same, music was changed but isn’t bad it is probably equal to that of the original. Also has the occasional long grass around the greens… Generally the course is the same, but there are some details removed such as trees that usually are challenging and risky to avoid are now non-existant. Some shots are now easier without those obstructions…

Great Safari had a really nice update… Probably the best update out of all the courses updated however the long grass just keeps on coming… The view of the course has improved greatly, there is a touch of green which makes it look nicer instead of all dry like Goldern Desert or something… Music is also pretty good when compared with the original and there was some physical changes made to some of the layouts of the holes. There were trees removed where they are supposed to hint/obstruct you from a good path to take your shots… but overall it is quite nice.

Silver Peaks and Crown Field…umm Crown Links now wasn’t modified much, music changes and maybe a few small things I missed… long grass maybe? You’d be in trouble anyway if you didn’t land on the green on those courses so wouldn’t matter that much. Music changes for these two were probably not that great… I don’t feel the same hyped up feel that I get from the original Crown Field theme… the new one just makes Crown Links feel mysterious. Once you are used to it, you don’t really care that much… Besides there is always that option to turn off the music.

I guess that covers the course differences.  Next up I guess is the characters… To do this simply would be probably best to generate a little table.

Original Name Translated English New Voice to
Character Rating
ジャスミン Jasmine Jasmine *****
コナン Conan Nick ***
ソフィ Sophie Sophie ***
クリス Chris Bjorn *
スズキ Suzuki Suzuki ***
ユミン Yumin Sasha ***
キッド Kid Felipe ****
ソニア Sonia Sonia **
ブルーム Bloom Bloom ***
ナカジマ Nakajima Fernando ****
ジョンソン Johnson L.J *
ティアナ Tiana Kate *
ディーノ Dino Dino ****
サファイア Sapphire Anya ****
丸山茂樹 Maruyama
If it isn’t the guy
himself doing it
then it sucks.

Basically some are done quite well to their original counter parts… the others are abit annoying or completely wrong from the original. Tiana sounds high class in the original, where as Kate sounds like she needs to go out partying with old folk. Johnson actually has a really fun character, just his stats aren’t very good making him sort of not a character you’d want to use… however L.J just makes you not want to use him ever again. I wasn’t sure how to rate Maruyama because if they dubbed him then there is nothing we can do about it, though if it was himself doing it then he put effort in and the voice actor isn’t to blame. The rest of the characters such as the Caddies and Add-on ones are yet to be discussed because… I never really bothered with Caddies much and the Add-ons aren’t out yet. So that is about it for the challenges…

Let’s move onto the Online Experience. So once you have completed Challenge Mode, might be a good time to get online… Alright I was poping online while playing the challenges, but it was for observing the server conditions and what is happening for the tournaments and players. There isn’t many players of the game… Due to the time differences around the world it is hard to have alot of players on at the same time, especially for the people who live in Australia and New Zealand… during the peak times here it is quite hard to get an official Grade Tournament going, partly due to the fact people don’t know how to change floors and everyone just hangs in Floor 1 Lobby 1. They are also probably using a older version of the server… Also using the new Grade System on a small population server doesn’t seem like a good idea so far… So many people with nothing to do.

Information about what is going online seems to be very vague and unorganized… There is no annoucements and no updates as to what is coming up and they seem to just be slapping things in when they feel like it. The websites for both EBG and HSG seem pretty weak and could use some more updates every now and then…. No one even knew when the Grade Tournaments were going to start and well one day it just suddenly begins. There were announcements for those sort of things over on the Japanese server… but information aside, why did they skip Great Safari and slap Silver Peaks in for the scheduled tournaments? Well we will never know… Also why isn’t there many prizes geared towards females? Guess the majority of players are males…

People online are alright, you will meet the occasional uneducated user or random kid but most of the time or if you reach the advanced Grade levels you will have less of these people to deal with. If you haven’t given Online a go, try it… playing online will help you learn alot and improve you scores anyway so don’t feel bad if you lose in a tournament. Just take it as a chance to improve youself… Also would be nice to increase the number of players on the server, it needs more people to improve the sustainability anyway…

Well that’s about it for now… Hopefully things will improve… An average of 200 people all the time would be quite healthy. Maximum of around 300 seems kind of weak right now…

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April 16, 2008 at 4:15 am

some golf courses also have this long grass bushes. Like St.Andrews and Royal St.Georges in Scotland.

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