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October 10, 2017

Participating in the Strongest Mingolfer eSports Tournament

In Japan there is a regional tournament happening along side the PlayStation Festival for New Minna no Golf. Earlier this month there was Four Daily Ranking Courses which were being monitored for entry selection to the tournament event.

I recorded my attempts at the dailies for those who wanted to see what it is like or how far I would go to compete with the other entries.

First Entry Attempt:

Personally not a fan of the settings that I have to play in to compete… Custom Clubs, Triple Just Impact and Eagle City. It’s just a game of luck here.

Second Entry Attempt:

I quite like Alpina as a course, but it has way too many drive able Par 4s even without Custom Clubs. Also during this day it was also Open Course Bonus so it was hard to tell if someone was attempting tournament entry legitimately or just doing it for their daily bonus.

Third Entry Attempt:

Canaloa was definitely a much better course to test some skills… most of the eagles required a little skill to maintain them consistently if you were trying to get a good score. I kind of had trouble on 8H and lost a few good attempts and Aces/Hole in Ones that I had made on the Par 3s early in the round.

Final Entry Attempt:

I found Vortex Valley a lot easier than Eagle City for some reason… maybe because the Course is well designed and offers a decent challenge and fun balance…? I wish the last shot hit the pin though.

Well hope you enjoyed a look into the series of dailies I had to play to get an invite to the PlayStation Festival event. My thoughts overall about this though is that it kind of isn’t very fun that in order to put up a good score we are forced to play with Custom Clubs and Triple Just Impact Balls. It was also very eye opening to find out that the ball was very easy to farm through fishing and how boring the game can be if everyone was expected to Eagle every hole.

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