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October 3, 2017

New Everybody’s Golf: In-Depth Guide to Custom Clubs

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the time lost, financial damages or your choices made after the knowledge you gain from reading this guide.

Many of you have probably reached Special Rank in your game progress and gained access to the Custom Club or what the developers consider as Solo End Game for the player.A few people have requested or asked about what they should do about the Custom Clubs and how it all works, it was probably best to write a guide about it and explain it in detail.

What is Custom Clubs?

It is the part of the game that changes your character progress so that you are either unique in your own way or a power house that lands all the Par 4 greens from the tee.

Custom Clubs can allow you to increase the stats of your character to double of the maximum. In essence you can think of a maxed out character as only being 50% complete, because a maxed out character has a base status of Power Lv.25, Control Lv.15, Spin Lv.15 and Kurukuru Lv.10 [Backdoor]. Which are the same maximum values of a Custom Club.

Can We Upgrade Custom Clubs Freely?

The Limitations are currently that you only have 11 chances to Level Up the club to the status you desire. While the potential is that a custom club does have a maximum of [25, 15, 15, 10], this is not possible as we theoretically have only 33 Levels to work with… Each time you choose to level up your clubs there is a chance that you will only get a upgrade of 1 to 3 levels. So on average you’ll be looking at a Custom Club that is maxed at Lv.22.

Anything above Lv.22 is considered a decent roll. However each Custom Club has it’s potential already laid out so it is best not to think of yourself as unlucky, but the Custom Club you received was not fitting for your needs. What does it mean when I talk about the potential of the club? This means that no matter what route you take, the maximum value you get per upgrade on one stat is already set. Simply put if we have a fresh Custom Club and try to upgrade it fully it’s potential total levels could be Lv.24, but because you chose to put all the upgrades in Power it ended up being a Lv.16 Power Club as the last 4 upgrades were increments of 1.

How do I know the Potential of my Custom Club?

Finding the potential of a Custom Club is a tedious process. As the disclaimer has been noted, you are responsible for your own actions… The reality is that even with this information, if the Custom Club potential doesn’t fit your needs… there is nothing you can do about it but finish leveling it and recycling it.

You will need to backup your save data before you upgrade your clubs, then upgrade each status 10 or 11 times and take notes of the number of levels per upgrade. Also it is not recommended that you use S-Tickets, but again the disclaimer has already mentioned we are not responsible for your actions… data or financial loss.

Now you will end up with information in this format:

P: Lv. 22 [3, 3, 3, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 3]

C: Lv. 15 [3, 2, 2, 3, 1, 3, 1]

S: Lv. 15 [2, 3, 1, 1, 3, 3, 2]

K: Lv. 10 [3, 2, 1, 2, 2]

You now have the Potential Data of your Custom Club.

What is the point of Potential Data? Isn’t the Upgrades Random?

Think about it, if you were the developer and you want people to spend money on a part of the game… would you let people cheat their way through? Now reload your save data and upgrade your clubs… What numbers came up each time you upgraded?

No matter what you do, you cannot escape the fate that the Custom Club you have… but at least now you can get the most out of it right?

In our Custom Club example, it ends with Lv.22 Power if you put all 11 upgrades into power. You may think that Lv.22 Power is great, yet the reality is that it is only an average club, because Lv.22 total stats is just the same as rolling 2 for 11 upgrades.

You would potentially have more stats if you had stopped after 5 upgrades into Power [Lv.14] then upgraded 6 times in Control [Lv.14] giving you a total of Lv.28 on your Custom Club which now makes it a high end above average custom club. Sure we could have squeezed even more out by using the last 2 on Spin and Kurukuru giving us Lv.29 Custom Club, but most people would probably find Control has more weight than those other two status.

What should I be doing then? I want Custom Club with Power Lv.25!

Well getting Power Lv.25 isn’t that hard at all, what you want to do is have as many Blank Custom Clubs available to you. This allows you to work out the potentials of each club and choose which to keep and which to recycle. Continue to recycle the ones that aren’t useful to you and keep the ones that have high overall Lv. or that suit your needs.

Since we can get 2 extra sets without spending money, it is best to unlock these two first. If you’re happy with the potential of these two then you can just work with those… otherwise you can go the extra mile and get the last 2 sets available from the Store.

What does Recycling do to the Custom Club?

The game words it in a way that if you recycle the Custom Club that it will become better or something, there is no solid evidence of this unless the potential rolls get better with each recycle I would say that recycling just gives you a new set of potential numbers for you to work with. It could be better overall Lv. potential but it might not be the status you were hoping for.

Also don’t even think about trying to game the recycling system because it is designed to prevent you having any randomness in your Custom Clubs and force you to completely use 10 upgrades on them before you can recycle. This is part of the business model which means you either grind your time in game collecting gems or pay for those S-tickets.

What kind of Custom Club should I be trying to make?

If you’re just trying to complete the trophies in this game, you don’t need to have a crazy Custom Club to do the Condor on 12H Alpina Regular Tee. If you can reach about 350y or 360y the wind and water skip and some luck will carry you through. Power at around 17+ should do the trick for that…

Ideally if you plan to get the most out of this game, you want to achieve one Lv.25 Power Club. Next you would want a high power and high control club… with the rest of the clubs you can just experiment with the potentials and recycle until you get one that is better than another club you have previously made. Once you have found a better one just recycle the other and keep going until you obtain a club that is a total Lv. 30~33.

Why would anyone put upgrades into Kurukuru? [Backdoor]

Maybe you’re bored and it was something to try out since it is easy to max it out with only 10 levels to put into it.It does make putting a lot easier and you can probably get more than 11 loops around the cup with a good shot.

The Kurukuru Lv. helps with putting and in general chips that lip the cup, will likely go in even though it seemed unlikely. You can think of it as the Luck status of your character.

Is there any negative effects for using Custom Clubs?

It does confuse me why the Custom Clubs have no real balancing involved. If I had designed the system, I would have made it where if we take less risk for an upgrade our club gets average stats but if I wanted to go over average then I would risk that my clubs have a chance of receiving negative attributes. Example: Upgrading Power for a Guaranteed 3 Lv.s will have a chance of losing Impact stats making my club harder to hit the sweet spot during the swing.

When you use a Custom Club for awhile it does eventually need repairs, however the negative effect if not repaired seems to be that you cannot see the Flag marker on the power bar, which is not a big deal for players who know what they are doing. This means you can effectively use the clubs as long as you want without spending gems or S-tickets to repair them at all.

Any last hints or tips?

This guide was written with the idea that the knowledge will help you make better decisions, the point is that while you may be able to collect potential data on your clubs the fact is if it isn’t the club you want you just recycle it. Use the club, don’t repair if you’re going to recycle it… save the gems for another upgrade.

Also remember that 25 or 10 are not divisible by 3… so don’t go spending that last upgrade on something that will only give you 1 Lv. because you lucked out getting 3s all the way so far.

If you collect gems daily, it only takes around 30 minutes do go through all the open courses. Which results in a new Custom Club every 4 days. Once more courses are added to the game, it maybe just 2 days per new club. Remember if you are taking too much time to find the gem, just skip it and do a challenge to get your missing gems. Challenges can take 5 minutes if you skip shots and play fast.

Hope everybody enjoyed this guide. If you have any other specific questions or need help with something else… drop by on the Discord Channel and you should get a very quick response to your issue. I’ll be adding a video and some images to the guide later to make it more visually appealing to read.

Good Luck with your Custom Clubs!

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