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September 22, 2017

New Everybody’s Golf: Control Stat and Spray Mechanic Concepts.


Controversy often comes with the release of new games. Everybody’s Golf for the PS4 is no exception. One major defining controversy so far has been the changes to the Just Impact spray mechanics. This guide will attempt to illustrate the concepts of how spray is calculated in Everybody’s Golf, and how to use the onscreen UI elements to better understand what is happening each time you take a shot.

The first thing we need to understand is what the game is actually showing us in the UI elements on the screen. Below are a few pictures of the UI in action and a description of what each element represents.

In the first image above you can see two elements of the UI that give you a general visualization of the spray mechanics. The first UI element is the new gauge under the club, and the second element is the yellow shaded area. The second image above shows the old familiar cone from previous titles. Click on the images to enlarge.

Now that we can identify what each UI element looks like we can now go into further detail on how to read each element. The first one we will cover is the new meter below the club. It is very important to remember the following sentence; The new meter is not an exact representation of a numerical value for spray. Below I will explain.

The new meter is a visual representation of the BASE maximum value on the X-axis of a shot. The black line in the center represents the Y-axis (north-south). The reason why this meter is base, is that it does not factor in distance in its visualization. Each club has its own base maximum spray value, a good example of this is a comparison between the SW and AW. Although the SW has less total distance, the maximum spray value of the the club is much higher. This is the reason why we can conclude that the new meter is not an exact numerical value of spray, but rather an indicator of base maximum values.

Things of Note with the new meter:

  • The new meter is not an exact numerical value of spray.
  • The new meter represents the base maximum value of spray.
  • Each club has a different base maximum value.
  • A spray max right/left with the 1w, and a spray max right/left with a AW are not equivalent values.

If we return to picture one, we can see a yellow shaded area in the landing grid. This shaded area is a visualization of the estimated numerical value of spray. Each horizontal square in the grid represents roughly 1m. It is important to note that unlike the new meter we covered, the yellow shaded area does in fact interact with the distance stat. The yellow shaded area will change values based on the distance you are hitting. To see this change in game head to a tee box and select the 1W, make note of the size of the yellow shaded area, now activate a power shot(+10y). Then make note of the yellow shaded area again. You should be able to see the shaded area change as the distance of the shot increases, or decreases.

The next element of the UI will will cover is the old aiming cone. Which we showed you earlier in picture two. The aiming cone makes its return from previous titles mostly unchanged. So what is this cone and how does it work? The cone is a visual representation of a 3 dimensional Cartesian coordinate system. A 3 dimensional Cartesian coordinate system, has a X, Y, and Z axis. In this game, the Y axis is distance, the X axis is spray, and the Z axis is elevation. For the sake of this guide we will only be focusing on the X and Y axis.

The image above is an illustration of how a shot will travel when not including lie and wind. Notice that I did not add any numerical values to the image. It is not meant to be an accurate display of spray but rather a visual aid to show the concept. For the sake of demonstration, assume the intersection of X and Y is equal to 100% power. As you see the line cross over the X-axis, take note on how the spray will increase as distance from 100% increases. This is a representation of what we are seeing when interacting with the aiming cone, and the yellow shaded area in game.
SECTION TWO: Control Stat and Just Impact Interaction.

We now have a general understanding of what the game is showing us before we hit our shot, but a few questions remain. What happens after our shot? How do shot types effect spray? How does the control stat interact with spray mechanics? Below we will begin to cover these topics in more detail.

In patch 1.06 the developers decided to change JI mechanics, by making JI shots more accurate then before. Missed impact shots remained unchanged. This means there is now an even higher value on higher PI rates then previous patche versions of the game. Each shot type has a maximum base value of spray, indicated by the bottom left new meter. There are 4 different shot types we will talk about below, no spin, sidespin, topspin, and backspin. Each shot type has its own maximum base value under JI conditions. See below.

Shot types under JI(PI):

No spin- This is the base shot, under JI it is roughly 50% more accurate.

Sidespin- Has the same mechanics as no spin, roughly 50% more accurate.

Topspins- The most accurate shot type, roughly 75% more accurate.

Backspin- The least accurate shot type, roughly 25% more accurate.

The above values are a rough estimate I am using for the sake of showing what happens under each shot type. Please keep in mind they are not exact values. What this means is that if you hit a shot with Just Impact the game will reduce the base maximum value of spray


For this example we will use a base maximum spray value of 10. This means that we have a range of numbers from 0-10 in both directions with 0 being the center point. 10———0———10

  • Just impact with no spin, or sidespin will change the base maximum value to 5.
  • Just impact with topspin, will change the base maximum value to 2.5.
  • Just impact with backspin, will change the base maximum value to 7.5.

Under the previous patch backspin could spray to the maximum base value of the 1W, even under Just impact. This is no longer the case in 1.06. Missing Just Impact while trying to hit backspin still has a penalty, and can spray outside the base maximum value like before. Which would mean the dot on the new meter will be outside the gauge right or left boundaries.

And finally how does the control stat interact with spray? It is actually rather simple. All the control stat does is reduce the base maximum value for spray. The images below compares level 15 control, to level 30 control, there will also be a short video included as well.

As you can see the base maximum value of spray, was greatly reduced by adding +15 control stat. The video below shows the UI elements in action, and the yellow shaded areas as well.

If you are reading this congratulations you have made it to the end of this concept explanation. I will leave you with a few tips on how to simplify the UI elements, and use them in combination to gain a better understanding of shot mechanics.

  • The new meter below the club should only be used as a visual guide to show you what direction the ball is going.
  • The yellow shaded area is the most important indication of Just Impact mechanics, familiarize yourself with it and plan around it wisely. No shot should be a complete surprise.
  • Remember as you increase the distance of your shot, your control decreases.
  • If you want better control continue to practice your Just Impact mechanics!

~This guide is a work in progress~


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