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Minna no Golf Portable 2 Characters

So in Minna no Golf Portable 2 there is technically 22 Characters you can play as. 11 New Characters and 11 Old Characters… The new characters you will receive as you progress through Challenge Mode. Starting with the beginner characters… Keep in mind I’m not really translating their profiles.


[Beginner] May is this version’s starting female character.


[Beginner] Leo is the beginning male of MingolP2.

The rest of the new MingolP2 characters come from challenge mode rank up versus… The characters you can receive are…


[Beginner] Mizuho is one of my favourite characters from MingolP2. One interesting thing about her is that she has a twin sister. Mizuki is a character who sometimes will play in place of Mizuho. Which makes her seem like she has a split personality, but she is really just a hidden character.


[Intermediate] Jack is youngest of the bunch so he is just a little kid but he is also quite strong for a kid. Though he isn’t good approaching things.


[Intermediate] Gina is one strong golfing granny in the rough. Though she is only an intermediate player compared to her son who is an Advanced player.


[Intermediate] Roberto seems like a nice intermediate character except for the fact he is poor in the sand. Though he would probably look great in a swimsuit on the beach.


[Intermediate] Brenda another exotic dancer to join the ranks of golfing. She is stronger than our other tanned dancing friend. However grass gets in her way.


[Advanced] Mifune a great swordman who has no weaknesses. Except his sister may have better grass cutting skills than he does.


[Advanced] Sairan is a cold but calm lady. Though the rain might freeze her on the course.


[Advanced] Brian is an unique golfer, by unique it means he has a strange hobby. Though he is great in the sand but not when it rains or the course becomes abit rough.

The hidden unlockable characters are obtained while you are on the courses… the characters are all the returning MingolP characters but some of them have had their stats modified slightly. Thanks to my Mr. Mingol friend Maronpafe who bothered to check the stats against the new versions… I really couldn’t be bothered haha…


[Beginner] Yumeri is located on the Nakagawa Public Golf Course… though you might need a miracle to impress her on hole 12.
[Changes] Lost 8 yards distance, Plus 1 level on side spin.


[Beginner] Shin is in a tree on the Central Golf Square Course… but he is feeling depressed. Maybe if you were also feeling blue he would talk with you.
[Changes] Lost 6 yards distance and 1 level of spin and side spin, Plus 1 level on impact.


[Beginner] Mew has been shrunk by magic spells on the Southern Alps Golf Course… you may need some magical assitance to talk to her during hole 14.
[Changes] Lost 14 yards distance and 1 level of spin, Plus 3 levels on side spin and 2 levels on impact. She is now poor in the rough.


[Intermediate] Toshizou is lying around Michinoku Touge Course… he can’t seem to get it up any more, maybe the old man just needs to feel energized. Cheer him up at hole 15.
[Changes] Lost 8 yards distance and 4 levels of side spin.


[Intermediate] Sagiri is practicing her katana skills at the back of Momijisaka Golf Club Course… Sagiri is waiting for her brother to help with her katana practice? Sagiri is my main intermediate character. You’ll find her at the back of hole 17.
[Changes] Lost 10 yards distance and 1 level of impact, Plus 1 level on side spin.


[Intermediate] Jean is trying to pick up women on Olive Coast Country Club Course… maybe he’s your type of guy? He is somewhere inbetween the Tee and the hole 4.
[Changes] Lost 14 yards distance and 1 level of control, Plus 6 levels on side spin.


[Intermediate] Catherine is sometimes catching a tan on the beaches of Gamelan Island Resort Course… she looks like she’s in the mood for abit of a swim around the first hole.
[Changes] Lost 20 yards distance and 3 levels of control, Plus 2 levels on impact and 3 levels on side spin. She’s also alright with the sand now.


[Advanced] Aaron? Advanced? I guess you’ll have to remember that when you find him on Golden Desert Golf Course… He’s under the Sphinx looking for a club that he can use to send things flying past hole 13.
[Changes] Lost 4 yards distance and 1 level of impact, Plus 3 levels on side spin. Cannot cut grass or dig sand as well as he used to.


[Advanced] Angela the Queen of Portable is now playing hide and seek in Dina Park Golf Course… didn’t see that one coming I mean she is so scary, why would she be playing hide and seek with children on hole 6.
[Changes] Lost 8 yards distance and 1 level of impact, Plus 1 level on side spin. Seems to have improved her grass cutting skills to an acceptable level.


[Advanced] Blitz is hiding under a rock on El Andes Golf Course… he may not listen to you but he may listen to his mum just before you hole out 17.
[Changes] Lost 6 yards distance.

There is but one more secret to completing the characters list… that character is apparently an old favourite and also plays abit of Tennis…


[Advanced] Gloria is sitting around enjoying a drink on Fortress Yard Golf Course. She knows a secret about her uncle… maybe if you know it as well she will talk to you on hole 16.
[Hint] Strange hobbies anyone? Also might need to have all the other characters…

Aren’t we glad it wasn’t Suzuki again… He was in Minna no Tennis as well… Atleast Gloria is sort of cute in the Portable version.

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