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Shihiko’s Guides

Shihiko’s Minna no Golf Guides

This area is probably the most featured section about this site, it is where I provide the details to the indepth gameplay of Minna no Golf series. Originally I was attracted to the game by the special shots that you can perform to sink the ball in the cup, so ever since I started playing it was never about how good my scores were… I just wanted to sink the ball with a special or trick shot. There are less special shots available in the older versions and each version has a different variables involved in the calculation of physics in game. So to reduce confusion and false information, I will only be providing details for the series from the release of Minna no Golf 4. I doubt older versions are popular these days anyway… but I will still try to cover them.

So shall we begin? Please select the page you would want to learn about from the right.




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