April 19, 2008

International Server Upcoming Update…

Nice to see there are atleast two Grade One Tournaments every hour now, this should keep people online. There will be and update on April 24th from 10:00 GMT.

Update [08042401]:

  • Stroke and Match Play Game Rooms.
  • Soccer Ball in Lobby.

What this all means is that you will soon be able to play Stroke Mode and Match Play Mode Online. Stroke is similar to the offline multiplayer game where everyone takes turn and has a shot, you will be able to walk around on the course and perform actions to mess with your online friends or… You can go head to head in Match Play, similar to those games you play in challenge mode to gain a new character. Again you can walk around and cheer or boo your opponents…

On the other side… Mingol 5 will be receiving the new course Oceania Resort on the same day… more on that later I guess.

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