April 1, 2008

International Online Server… Hints?

Well some people saw me on it yesterday… Anyway I figured ClapHanz or who ever is in charge of the International Localization isn’t telling people enough information… One of which could be improved is the PlayStation 3 Information site which you can view from the title screen of the game… That loaded slow and had no information that was useful to anyone…

If you’re playing on the International Server, here are some tips…

  • Using L2 and R2… During Online Mode when you are selecting Tournaments, within the same hour there are many different tournaments running on different floors. Pressing L2 or R2 will allow you to switch floors without actually changing the floor your lobby character is in. This way you can reserve tournaments within the current hour on different floors giving you more chance of playing a Graded Tournament and earning prizes.
  • Sign Up Anyway… Sign up for tournaments even if you feel there maybe no chance of it reaching 10 players, this way if you have signed up there is interest being shown in that tournament. Other people will follow once they see there are people who are signing up for it and prior to the tournament starting there will probably be 10 people signed up for it. Provided that people know how to use the L2 or R2 to switch floors. 🙂
  • Jumping Tournaments… Basically 2 minutes before a tournament you are not signed up for starts, if you are within the correct floor you will be able to jump into that tournament. So while checking with L2 or R2 you can take note of the floor the tournament the tournament that is starting soon is in and then switch floors then jump into it. This will again let you have more tournaments to play within the hour. You will see
  • Share Information… Tell others about these tips or tournaments running on other floors and the flow of tournaments will be alot smoother with less waiting. If everyone always signs up for Very Slow in the First Floor, when there is a Fast or Normal on another Floor then obviously no one knows about changing floors right? 😉

Anyway hope these hints help improve the flow of the servers Graded Tournaments.

2 Comments on “International Online Server… Hints?

April 2, 2008 at 4:41 pm

Hi everybody…
I play on the International Version (Europe – French Version).
I switch floors using R2/L2 but I never had to check the floor nor manually switch to the correct floor before the tournament starts.

April 3, 2008 at 3:05 am

Well that is a good thing. Basically you’re using it correctly… I think you were confused with my tip about jumping a tournament. In order to jump a tournament you need to be on the floor it is running on. People don’t know this so that is why some tournaments start with only a small number of players.

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