March 18, 2008

Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds Ships Today!

Well if you live in America, your long wait for the series is finally over. March 18th is the expected shipping day of the American verison of Minna no Golf 5 known as Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds… I spent some time watching some trailers earlier from the US Playstation sites, and well in comparision with the Japanese version the changes I can see are…

  • Voices definately changed.
  • Music feels different, definately changed as we hear from the Demo and Trailers.
  • Jasmine has bike shorts/leggings/short tights on instead of hot pants.
  • The mentioning of 15 playable characters. No changes here.

So basically there is no changes, the new addtional characters will still cost you… You’ll probably get them in the disc installation, but you won’t be able to use them until you purchase the patch. Also was tipped that some retailers may have a delay in their shipping. So check with your retailers if you have preordered before you rock up at the shops. If you still haven’t decided on buying the game or not here are some links you can visit. Though I think both these links have the same videos and most likely have been used elsewhere such as GameTrailers. You notice it says releases in March and doesn’t actually have a date…

Official Hot Shots Golf Site & Official Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds Details Site

Update: PlayStation.Blog has added a new article… Well they say it is out today. Everyone else seems to say otherwise haha… Anyway another interesting parts in this article is the mentioning of playing with people all over the world. Hint that Everybody’s Golf World Tour will be using the same servers? Though this is not concrete and could be just the way the writer wants to make the online mode sound more appealing or interesting. If you want to read up the full article, head over to the PlayStation.Blog.

Source: PlayStation.Blog: New Hot Shots Golf Out Today – What’s Next?

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