Shihiko Event

Future Streaming…

Since I was able to restore some of the data I lost from the wipe, I am considering to stream golfing sessions in the future… I’m not sure what people think of this, but if you like the idea or have any suggestions to improve how it works.. Let’s hear […]

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Thank You Minna no Golf 5…

Servers have gone into “Maintenance” which means it is offline… Anyway I’ll be updating this post with tributes and activities that were done before the servers shut down. Here is a video of my last 50 player GF tour in Minna no Golf 5. Also I’m using Expert for the […]

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Minna no Golf 6 Update 1.05 + 1.14 Changes…

Since the developers seem to always want to hide what they have changed or updated and so it was not detailed in the update notes… this should list some changes that may not be obvious to players that don’t usually take notice of these things… System Balance: Impact Zones have […]

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Balance Changes in Minna no Golf 6?

I couldn’t believe this happened when I read the update yesterday… the word balance in the news of the patch update. Most people would probably believe that Mingol 6 is too hard. There is nothing wrong with a hard game, I like the challenge of it being difficult but all […]

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Merry Christmas Everybody!

Merry Christmas Everybody~ Hope the DocomoDake event was fun for everyone else who participated. I actually tried to do well in it, but I guess not knowing how to do Extra Power properly for the first day and messing up on the last two days kind of ruined that for […]

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Notice of Inactivity… or Not?

Just a note that I will be going overseas from this weekend for a period of time, during which I may not be able to respond to updates and news for the game in terms of covering things that are available on the PlayStaion 3… I will try to keep […]

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