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News Event

New みんなのGOLF Release Date Announcement!

So a trailer for New Minna no Golf was uploaded today announcing the date of release to be on August 31st 2017. These articles have been full of fluff lately so I will only be translating the useful information in this post. Here is the new trailer video included with […]

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Next Year?

So the PlayStation Press Event happened yesterday, and there was yet another New Minna no Golf Trailer that announces the delay until Japan Summer 2017. Next year will be the 20th Anniversary of Minna no Golf series. Once again things don’t look good… Tokyo Game Show 2017 this weekend, I […]

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New Mingol News Update Summary…

Hello Everyone, It’s been awhile since I logged into my own site, I guess things haven’t been that interesting for me to feel the need to make any posts about the New Minna no Golf. Well seems like lately there are some articles being written and they don’t seem to […]

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Upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2015…

Hello Everyone, Well this year will be interesting… Here right now a few days before public entry into Tokyo Game show 2015. We have received a new trailer, but things aren’t looking so Mingol as we are used to it seems. Who likes the song used in the trailer? 😛 […]

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“New Mingol Project” Announced!

Hello Everyone, Looks like they have announced pre-TGS that there is a New Mingol Project underway. More details will come when TGS begins, but the game probably will be something that comes around late next year. Knowing Claphanz they are pretty slow… 本日のSCEJA Press Conference 2014にてSCEワールドワイドスタジオの吉田修平さんより「NEW MINGOL PROJECT」の発表がありました!まだ詳細な情報はお伝えできません。続報(来春)をお待ちください! http://t.co/7jJIfoUsJT — ClapHanz (@Clap_Hanz) September […]

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