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Mingol Event

Halloween Items in the Shop

Looks like we have some new items available at the shop. You can buy them from the in game shop easily with coins…. Additional Download Contents 「Halloween Costumes」 During the limited time you will be able to purchase Halloween parts from the in game Shop. <Limited Event Period> 2017/10/10 Tuesday […]

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Minna no Golf Update 1.16…

As population continues to dwindle in the Mingol world, patches of changes to the system seem to be more frequent. Not sure why they continue to beat the dead horse… You know what the answer is to this problem? Sure the game engine doesn’t foster skill and competition any more, […]

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Minna no Golf 6 Update 1.15…

Nope still don’t feel it. Well at least this update is doing something to improve their new feature. Update 1.15 Chip in Lobby Golf balls can now be obtained through Grade Free Tournaments. Rare Character List changed to now display. Fixed the Chip in Lobby Golf Ranking display bug. Other […]

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Upcoming Minna to Issho Event…

So there will be a small Toro themed event for daily coming up. Since it features Toro to participate you would likely have to purchase Toro to play it… tough luck to the Asian version holders? Date Tournament Course Regulation January 21st 1st Day Arabian Ala Arabian 18H Toro Only […]

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Update 1.14 Lobby Golf Fixed…

So today there was an update that brings back the Lobby Golf feature by fixing a bug that was wrong with it during it’s original release late last year. Due to the grief this may have caused for players they have included 20 free Lobby Golf balls for players who […]

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New Years Lobby Part + Chip in Lobby Details…

So it looks like they are doing the Christmas and new years thing again for those who have missed out on previous years. New post under the latest news on the players information website mentions that due to the bugs experienced with the Chip in Lobby they are unable to […]

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