Everybody’s Golf Event

Everybody’s Golf [Vita] Releases Today!

The english version of Minna no Golf 6 releases today along with the PlayStation Vita. There is also an Asian release called Everybody’s Golf 6 which suspiciously released today also instead of the usual Hot Shots Golf that gets released. I have a feeling that this version will be the […]

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Minor Update…?

Update [09091701]: Game related character based lobby parts released. Connection Lost Error Displays correctly instead of black screening you straight back to title screen. Nice? Well the download is a little big so I feel there might be something else coming along with it.. Yukata Alex? The banners are hinting […]

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Golfing with Yukiko Goto.

Interested in playing a round of Golf with the European producer of Everybody’s Golf World Tour? Envisager has been trying to organise a little get together for those who wish for this event to happen and has informed me about the details. Yukiko Goto is going to play a game […]

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