Minna no Golf Jo Vol.1 releases on May 31st!

I was looking at the pre-release list recently… I wasn’t expecting this but while checking up the release date of Minna no Golf 5, I saw Minna no Golf Jo on the list and there was a date for it too. Minna no Golf Jo will be released on May 31st 2007 according […]

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Minna no Golf 5 Demo version available in March!

Today the Official Minna no Golf 5 site was updated… Well actually it opened up officially. There is alot of interesting information from it which I will go into detail later. Firstly, good news for those who have a Sony Playstation 3… and also the Playstation Store account in Japan. […]

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Shihiko’s Mingol Community Site Revived?

Hello Everyone, Sorry for all the downtime of the site and also not updating the news. If you can view this site you’ve obviously been guided here by me. I’ve decided to change the backend of the site to WordPress, which will power the site from now on. The improvements […]

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