Minna no Golf 6 Update 1.10…

A new update is available for Minna no Golf 6… It’s version 1.10 on the PS3 and 1.19 for the PS Vita. Update size for PS3 is 153MB… Looks to me like it’s a Quality of Life update, is it too little too late or enough to get you all […]

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Impression of Pac-Man Update…

Was going to post this the other night after the post of Pac-Man but ended up playing Everybody’s Golf for the night and forgot all about it… アシストモードはオンライン使えないよな・・・wみんごるインストラクターできないね。一人でGOLFモードだけの機能ね。アイデアは悪くないな・・・オンラインでもほしいけど、ラウンド中に迷惑になりそう。 #みんゴル6 — Shihiko (@Shihiko) August 22, 2013 So the new things added was an Assist Mode and some VTR Encoding options. […]

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Pac-Man + Smiley Ball Time?!

Looks like the next character we are getting for Minna no Golf 6 is Pac-Man… … … If you equip the Smiley Ball on Pac-Man it will make him Over Powered Novice! Kidding, but it looks like he hits himself. Update 1.07 [163MB] Includes: Assist Function Support. VTR Encoding Support. […]

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Summer Period Grade Regulation Changes…

This seems kind of late to be doing… but from today there will be Grade One and Grade Zero tournaments set at a specific time of the day which are forcing Novice Characters with Fast Tournament Rules. Week 1 of August from the 2nd to the 4th will be seeing […]

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Minna no Golf 6 Lv.5 Clubs Released…

Well I’m sure there is no reason to bother with these any more since it’s so ridiculously cheap over at International Server, and at the moment the oversight that allows users to buy Lv.5s directly means there is no need to bother with Lv.4 on Everybody’s Hot Shots Golf. 😉 […]

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