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Halloween Items in the Shop

Looks like we have some new items available at the shop. You can buy them from the in game shop easily with coins…. Additional Download Contents 「Halloween Costumes」 During the limited time you will be able to purchase Halloween parts from the in game Shop. <Limited Event Period> 2017/10/10 Tuesday […]

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New Minna no Golf Review [Patch 1.07]

Though I should have probably started from Patch 1.04 or even the Closed Test Server [1.03] Review… I think it will be a good idea for me to write down my opinions of this game as it progresses and as someone who has played the series for over a decade. […]

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About New Everybody’s Golf Custom Clubs

Upon reaching Rank 7 in Challenge Mode you will receive the time and money sink aspect of the game Custom Clubs. The maximum status achievable with these clubs is 33 levels, however it is gated behind random number generators. Power Max Lv.25 Control Max Lv.15 Spin Max Lv.15 KuruKuru/BD Max […]

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New みんなのGOLF Release Date Announcement!

So a trailer for New Minna no Golf was uploaded today announcing the date of release to be on August 31st 2017. These articles have been full of fluff lately so I will only be translating the useful information in this post. Here is the new trailer video included with […]

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New Minna no Golf Tokyo Game Show 2016 Report!

Let’s go over the review of what is currently happening in the world of Minna no Golf. Game was announced two years ago that it was going to be in production for release this year 2016, however during this year’s Tokyo Game Show, it was revealed that they are releasing […]

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Next Year?

So the PlayStation Press Event happened yesterday, and there was yet another New Minna no Golf Trailer that announces the delay until Japan Summer 2017. Next year will be the 20th Anniversary of Minna no Golf series. Once again things don’t look good… Tokyo Game Show 2017 this weekend, I […]

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