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September 6, 2017

About New Everybody’s Golf Custom Clubs

Upon reaching Rank 7 in Challenge Mode you will receive the time and money sink aspect of the game Custom Clubs.

The maximum status achievable with these clubs is 33 levels, however it is gated behind random number generators.

  • Power Max Lv.25
  • Control Max Lv.15
  • Spin Max Lv.15
  • KuruKuru/BD Max Lv.10

If these numbers look familiar, that’s right… it is the same number as the max Player Profile stats, so in essence our characters are only half the strength the game allows us to be and the rest is up to us to choose.

Since the random number generator rolls 1-3 levels each time and you can only upgrade 10+1 times, the maximum points you can get on your club is 33 points. This sounds like it’s a luck based game doesn’t it? Well the reality is, it is not… All clubs maximum potentials are generated by the game when they are created, so this means there is no luck involved when upgrading it. Recycling the club actually does change the potential upgrades of the club.

Because the way this system is designed, those who may be interested in Min Maxing would want to buy the extra club sets and try upgrade those… This does however make it pay to win, but that’s how ClapHanz wants this part of the game to be played. If you follow the gem collecting guide, you would get a new club worth of gems in about 4 days. The more sets you have at your disposal the more tweaking and recycling you can do which will yield more chances at a better potential club.

Just one last hint, don’t upgrade a club that only has one level to reach max and use it on a different stat. It will be more likely better overall if you got Lv.3 control instead of the one last point to power when you were at Lv.24 on Power.

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